DOSBoxed Games
Ubuntu/Debian Repository

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This site is dedicated to serve DosBoxed versions of old good DOS games, which are officially abandoned or their creators have filed bankrupcy. It's purpose is to fill the gap of superb games which weren't Liberated officially by their rights holder, but which are Abandoned and cannot be bought now.

Each game has its dedicated manpage, shellscript runner and a separate documentation package (PDF, if it was available). When list of passwords has been provided for copy-protection purposes, it's present in manpage. All games here use OpenGL output in DosBox, which greatly improves the emulation speed. In case You don't have OpenGL enabled graphic card, You have to set the game's output to 'surface' in package configuration prompt. Each game maintains its own DosBox conf file, which is present at /etc/dosbox/games/$game_name.conf.